VIPs, Readjusted ETH Vaults & More

Dear Farmers,

We’re back with another weekly recap of all the goings-on in the Harvest Finance ecosystem. This week has been a great one for you NFT-lovers, with partnerships and a lucrative ETH vault also adding excitement.

Let’s take a quick look at a…

New Vaults, buybacks, VIPs, and more!

Dear Farmers,

It’s been another strong week at the Harvest farms, with many exciting developments to cover.

This week has seen a new partnership, new ETH vaults, and much more! Let’s hop right in.


  1. $FOX-$WETH Vault Reactivated
  2. Babylon IDO VIP Pass for $FARM &…


Humble farmer at Harvest Finance | @zygmunt_biela

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