Recap: Week 46

Dear Farmers,

Week 46 was very intense & fruitful for our commune. We are now changing the schedule of the weekly updates to be released on Fridays.

Let’s get into it!


  1. V2 Launch
  2. Balancer ft. Harvest
  3. ampliFARM introduction
  4. New Terra UST Vault
  5. 50k Subscribers
  6. New Emission Schedule

1. V2 Launch

On Monday, 12 June 2021 we entered a new episode on our journey called Harvest V2. The time has come for a shift in UX/UI across our services and expansion to other ecosystems.

In essence, V2 introduces a series of changes that allows us to launch more strategies across new networks without overwhelming users visually.

Details: Twitter announcement | Medium announcement

2. Introducing $ampliFARM & Boots

On Wednesday, 14 June 2021, we introduced a new token called ampliFARM that replaces our $bFARM rewards on Binance Smart Chain.

Make no mistake, $bFARM still will be around with the option to use it as a boosting feature.

Details: Twitter announcement | Medium announcement

3. Balancer ft. Harvest

On Tuesday, 14 June 2021 our collaboration with Balancer has finally come to fruition. We introduced five Balancer Vaults offering lucrative APYs for our humble farmers.

We are excited for more collaborations with Balancer in the future.

Details: Twitter announcement | Medium announcement

4. New Terra UST Vault

On Thursday, 16 June 2021, together with our friends at Terra we’ve officially announced a new $UST Vault with $LUNA rewards.

Our farmers can now deploy their $UST — $USDT assets and claim their $LUNA rewards alongside $iFARM within one click.

This news echoed between our communities, with the Vault’s TVL spiking to over $4.5M in deposits in under 24 hours since the announcement.

Details: Twitter announcement | Medium announcement

5. 50,000 Followers on Twitter

On Thursday, 16 June 2021we’ve reached a milestone in our follower count.

With Twitter being the most popular medium for blockchain and crypto news we couldn’t be more excited to have so many farmers watching every step we take. 🚜

Details: Twitter announcement

6. This Week’s Emissions

Due to the change of date of our weekly recaps and the turmoil around V2, we didn’t post our emissions chart as we usually do on Tuesdays.

We apologize for that and assure you that from now on we’ll be posting emission updates as we usually did.

Happy farming!

Harvest Team

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